Book Review – The Last Oracle – James Rollins

Commander Gray Pierce and Sigma are forced to deal with two separate but deadly threats after an apparently homeless man is shot in front of him.  One threat looks to simply destry Sigma while the other looks to destroy  more of the world. Perhaps the only help available may be a boy who is  descended from the Greek Oracles of Delphi.

The Last Oracle builds on the previous four Sigma books. The action is  plenty and varied with sometimes three or four different plot lines and  tales being told at the same time. The action scenes are always something  the James Rollins does well and this book is no exception. There were  moments when the pace seemed to suddenly drop but mostly the book kept up  a high paced charge towards the end.

There are a couple of authors who now write similar books to James  Rollins, Matthew Reilly with his Jack West series of books being probably  the most similar with action piled on top of historical and mystical  events.

For a book that is so full of action, there is some emotionally stirring  scenes towards the end of the tale but never to the point of overload. It  is a very well balanced book, a fast read and a novel that I enjoyed a lot!


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