Book Review – The Broken Window – Jeffery Deaver

People are raping and murder, or rather all the evidence points to these random people committing these crimes. Lincoln Rhyme starts believing that one man is responsible for all these crimes. A man with the power to know everything about anyone, and also with the ability to alter the information for his own plans. But how do you find a man who knows everything? At the heart of the story is the subject of information. Information about a person and how much is stored and how it is used. Clever identity theft, databases of information ranging from cell phone records to education, all twisted by one man using it for his own private needs.

As usual with a Jeffery Deaver story, there are false leads twisting off in various directions along the way, just helping the reader sit on the edge of their seat before getting down to the nub of the plot. The main cast of characters are the same from previous books, with Lincoln Rhyme leading the way again from his disabled body via phone, computer, wit and sometimes whiskey.

This is a well paced story that doesn’t rush the reader other than to draw false conclusions. Its well put togeather, and feels as if Mr Deaver has researched well and long into the night to make sure that everything is right. While not a stand out compared to the previous Lincoln Rhyme books, it is at as high a standard as the rest which is no bad thing!


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